Welcome to Stillpoint Strategy

Welcome to Stillpoint, where insight arises from deep engagement with the metrics that matter. Our purpose is to create public benefit through excellence in research and strategy design.

We help services in the health and ageing sectors to improve organisational performance through turning data to insight to action, facilitating better outcomes for providers and their customers. 

In a busy and distracted world, the need to harness information to respond to the complex, nuanced and ever-evolving challenges of 21st century health service delivery can be overwhelming. In an environment that demands constant movement simply to stand still, it can be impossible to know what is really going on and how best to meet complexity with confidence.

At Stillpoint, we take the time to dig deep into what can be known; this is the place where critical thinking meets focussed analysis, ensuring that sustainable solutions arise from deep engagement with data and evidence. The Stillpoint approach ensures that clients receive in-depth, robust, creative and useful insights to inform decision making and support lasting change.

Insight comes from the Stillpoint.